Graham Clan

Father's Day

We celebrated Father’s Day by letting Jason open his gifts after breakfast this morning. He got three books to a Sci-Fi series that he has been enjoying. He also got a new dress shirt for work and some yummy milano cookies.

He really enjoyed the sign that the girls and I made him the other day.

I then got dinner started as it needed to cook for several hours. Ribs in the slow cooker. They sure made our house smell really good!

Jason enjoyed some Wii Sports with the girls while Weston took a morning nap.

We then enjoyed a yummy brunch with blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. This day has already been full of yummy food!

Jason enjoyed reading one of his new books while the kids napped while I got a few things done around the house. Once the kids were up from their nap Jason and the kids enjoyed some playtime outside while I finished up dinner.

Ribs are done!

Dinner is served! We enjoyed Asian Ribs on a blanket of rice with steamed peas and carrots and a nice cantelope, strawberries and grapes fruit salad. Jason and I also enjoyed a yummy Hard Apple Cider with our ribs. It was delicious!!!

I had to take a another picture of the ribs to prove that they were fall off the bone good!!!

Jason said that these were the best ribs he had ever had in his life, EVER. PERIOD! Were his words exactly. This was seriously a great recipe and I believe we will be having more ribs later this summer!

The girls did not seem to find the deliciousness in the ribs, but this boy sure did!

He is a rib loving, rib eating machine! He finished his and polished off Felicity and Nikolette’s ribs as well.

He is one happy boy!

We then got the kids bathed and they we let Jason pick out a kid friendly movie. He chose Tangled. He says it is his favorite Disney Princess movie.

We enjoyed watching the movie and eating some popcorn with a special treat in it (M&Ms). Weston enjoyed some crackers with a few special treats as well.

Once the kiddos were in bed Jason enjoyed his book some more with some yummy brownie dessert.

It was a nice relaxing day celebrating Jason and all that he does for us! We love you!


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