Graham Clan

4th of July Weekend

My sister and her family came down to celebrate the 4th with us. We met them at the outdoor pool in Moscow when they got to town.

The girls said they were swimming like mermaids.

We then had the kiddos take a much needed nap when we got back to our house. The adults were able to enjoy a fun game of Blokus.

Once the kiddos were up we enjoyed some yummy Papa Murphys pizza and watermelon for dinner. We then went out back to play for a bit to pass the time by while we waited for the firework show.

Beau had fun playing fetch with the kids.

Ashley and Colin brought poppers and bubbles for the kids. They sure enjoyed them.

We then enjoyed some yummy ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cones.

Since it was so hot out we headed into our nice air conditioned house to watch 101 Dalmatians to help pass more time while we waited for the firework show.

We then headed towards the park for the firework show. Felicity and Nikolette were pretty scared of all the other fireworks that were going off in our neighborhood. Once we stopped and got settled where we were going to watch the show, Felicity insisted on going home. She was quite scared of the fireworks and all the noises. Nikolette decided she would be able to watch the firework show as long as she could sit in Weston’s stroller, so Weston hung out in the ergo and Nikolette watch the fireworks in the stroller. She was still scared and kind of hiding her face while she watch the show. She would say, “A green one Mommy! I want a red one!” “I don’t like fireworks Mommy! I like that orange one Mommy!” It was hard to tell how she really felt about the fireworks.

I was able to get some pictures of the fireworks. It was a bit tricky between the shutter speed and a wiggly Weston in the ergo.

He really liked the firework show. He would say “Oooo! Aaahh!” It was super cute!

We then headed back to the house and went straight to bed.


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