Graham Clan

Soccer Camp

This week the girls had Soccer Camp through SkyHawks Sports Camps. Nikolette absolultely loved Soccer Camp. She jumped right in on the first day and asked to go play soccer everyday after.

There were lots of smiles from this girl throughout Soccer Camp. Grinning from ear to ear. I’m pretty sure she loves soccer!

Felicity on the other hand did not seem as interested. She insisted that it was too windy or there were too many loud noises and she had to sit with Mommy. She hung out with Weston and me the majority of the time.

On this particular day, she did go run with the coach and Nikolette

for like 5 seconds….

and then hung out with me on the blanket the rest of the time.

On the last day of camp I ended up using the big guns and bribed her and told her if she played soccer she would get to go pick out a special Sofia toy from the store. It obviously worked. This girl really knows how to work it. Nikolette got to pick a special Sofia toy out as well for playing everyday.

Weston got to hang out and run around during the camp and we even went over to the playground at the school and he sure enjoyed getting to do something fun as well.

Since he had to put up with hanging out and wait for his sisters to be done with camp and for being such a good sport; he ended up getting a special toy as well, as it is only fair.

I wish I thought to get a video of Nikolette having a blast playing soccer. I am just glad I was able to get some pictures. I’m looking forward to when the do their Princess Dance Camp next month! I’m sure they will both love it!


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