Graham Clan

Fire Station Tour

Today we met some friends at the fire station here in town for a tour. Nikolette was a little scared at first, but once she found out that we got to go inside the fire truck she became more excited. They loved looking around in the fire truck until Nikolette fell down in it. She was not as amused with the fire station after that.

Thanks Felicity for this lovely picture, silly girl!

The pretty fire trucks

We then looked around the rest of the fire station and got to see some of the rooms where the fire fighters rest when on duty and they have some awesome comfy looking chairs as well.

We then attempted for a group photo of the kiddos. (Weston was there for the fire station tour. He was just hanging out on my back in the ergo.)

Overall I think the kids had fun. Felicity said she did, but Nikolette says she was scared and that it was not fun at all. We might have to try this again in a year or two. ;)


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