Graham Clan

Princess Dance Camp

This past week the girls have been going to Princess Dance Camp at a local dance studio here in town.

They were so excited to go to their first dance class on Monday.

They would come home and be so excited to tell us about dance camp and what music they would get to dance to and what they learned about that day. They had a special performance on the last day of camp. I had taken the girls to the store the day before and let them pick out their own leotards for them to wear for their performance. They also got to pick out some special ballet slippers too. I think it is really cute that they wanted the exact same leotard and shoes.

Our girls tend to be pretty quiet in public settings so it was really funny to see they act more like what they do at home during their performance. It could have been due to the fact that they had been going to dance class for four days straight and were their for 3hours and became really comfortable with the teacher and the other girls in the class or it could be due to the cupcakes they had before their performance. You know, who really knows!?!?!? ;)

After their performance my mom and I took the kids to McDonalds for some ice cream and let them play for a bit too. Thanks Grammy for the ice cream!

Once we got home from our ice cream treat, Weston ran and grabbed the remotes from the child protected drawer (yes! He has figured out how to open, what we thought was child protected, drawers) and insisted that we watch “Belmo” (Elmo) before Grammy had to head home. Sadly, since Netflix has not been working for us these past few days we watched Cinderella instead. This poor boy can’t seem to catch a break from all the girly stuff.

Thanks Grammy for coming down to watch the girls performance and for the yummy ice cream treat. We had such a fun time and can’t wait to see you soon!

The girls have been asking to go back to dance class and telling me that they LOVE dance, so I think we are going to try to get them into a dance class come this fall.


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