Graham Clan

First Day of Preschool

Today was Felicity and Nikolette’s first day of preschool. We have been counting down the days till preschool and the day finally arrived! We have been so excited about it. We got some “First Day of School” photos before we left for preschool.

Weston got some first day of preschool pictures as well, as it is his first day home alone with Mama.

The girls had a fun day and they were so excited to see me when I picked them up from preschool. They had to show me their paintings they did in class today. I asked them how their day was once we got in the car and if they had fun, Nikolette’s response was, “NO!” but I think it was because we had to leave and she wanted to stay and have more fun. Felicity answered for the both of them and told me they did have a fun day and told me they played outside, painted, read books, and played with blocks.

I think they will be excited when they go back on Thursday!

I still can’t believe they are old enough to be in preschool now!!! Where has the time gone????


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