Graham Clan

Sunshine and Flowers

We went to this little place called Sunshine Flowers and Crafts. It is a little treasure here in Pullman. I have heard about this place before and have been wanting to take the kids, but just never got around to doing it. It was our first time and it was super fun! The owner, Jane, has an awesome set-up. There are children’s buckets and cut out milk cartons that you can take and fill up with flowers and it only costs $8 for one children’s bucket or milk carton full of flowers. She also had a pumpkin patch and a cute little fall decorated area to take photos. The kids had a lot of fun picking the flowers and running up and down the flower patches. They also had a ton of fun picking up the pumpkins and sitting on the awesome red tractor and letting me take their photos.

This place was a lot of fun and I believe we will be going back in the Spring if not sooner. It was a fun day!


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