Graham Clan

New Photography Location

Nikolette and I had a special date today! We first went to this new park that I found and I wanted to get some pictures of it as I think this will be a new location that I will take clients to for photo shoots. I absolutely love this place and Nikolette loved it too! She really enjoyed getting to model for me and kept asking me to take “one more Mommy!” She really loved that she got to take some photos in her Halloween costume too.

We then headed over to the mall for some lunch to look around for a special trick or treating toy for her, her sister, and brother since they were missing out on going trick or treating this evening. We really enjoyed our special date and I hope that I will be able to do this with the kiddos more often. Its fun to get to have some individual time with them as I get to see more of their personalities shine when they have my undivided attention.


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